ARTSY VIEWING ROOM: Current Group Exhibition
“Personal Structures: Thought Process”
Five International visual artists: Ilan Averbuch, Linda Behar, Kelly Fischer, Tony Khawam, Nizar Sabour. Enter Viewing Room.

“Personal Structure: Thought Process” a group exhibit by artists who explore personal structures through thoughts and process with the curiosity of a scientist and the boldness of youth where each artist follows his–her intuition which allows them to communicate in images and symbols. With this expanded language we are able to think in abstractions and representations of forms through structure, colors, and materials in different media. The majority of value is placed upon the objects that artists produce, but it’s the thought process of the artist that will always be essential to the future. Creative empathy is an imperative artistic, social, and political skill that can be practiced. Our future will be shaped by those who learn to unlock the adaptability and collaborative thinking of makers.

Mirna Asmar, gallery director, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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