Mirna Asmar, gallery director
Khawam Gallery – New York / Miami
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Khawam gallery represents emerging, mid-career and established visual artists with focus on new expressionism, representation with conceptual art themes in paintings, sculptures and installations in a variety of media. The artists background, story and their process are keys in the selection for the group exhibitions.

Khawam Gallery is a collective artists gallery and has been organizing group exhibitions since 2017 with themes focus on today’s socio-political issues such as displacement, war and immigration. Other themes are based on the process of making art which materials play big part in the process. The gallery presents artists from different cultural background and has been active in the local communities presenting series of multi-cultural art exhibitions at art fairs, gallery space, Institutions’ gallery and at special corporate events.

Our Mission

Khawam Gallery is dedicated to nurturing new art by mounting unique exhibitions of contemporary art to raise awareness about social and political issues facing us today and to create unique forum of dialogue to engage the public and to dazzle curators, art collectors and exhibition attendants, and to promote art appreciation within the international community.

Our experienced staff provides valuable assistance to new and seasoned collectors alike, corporate and public art collections while fostering the careers of some of the most talented artists working today.   Khawam Gallery has the experience, innovation, and resources to engage audiences and meet the needs of individual and corporate clients.  We offer corporate and private art consultations for private collections, corporate collections, non-profit organizations & trust collections, we also curate exhibitions for art institutions, art fairs, corporate and public spaces.