Adnan Hamidah_bw Born; Damascus, Syria
1990 – Holds a doctorate of Philosophy in Sciences of Art
1981 – Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, University of Damascus

Life is not Static Series

Life is not Static No.1 – acrylic on canvas, 120x100cm 2018Hamidah-Life is not Static-No1-acrylic-120x100cm_18Life is not Static-No.2 – acrylic on canvas, 120x100cm, 2018Adnan Hamidah-Life is not Static-No2-acrylic-120x100cm_18

Still Life No.1 – acrylic on canvas, 120x120cm, 2017Hamidah-Still Life-No1-120x120cm_17

Still Life No.2 – acrylic on canvas, 120x120cm 2017
Hamidah-Still Life-No2-120x120cm_17

Still Life No.3 – acrylic on canvas, 120x90cm, 2017
Hamidah-Still Life-No3-120x90cm_17

Still Life No.4 – acrylic on canvas, 120x90cm 2017
Hamidah-Still Life-No4-120x90cm_17

Still Life No.5 – acrylic on canvas, 110x100cm, 2017
Hamidah-Still Life-No5-110x100cm_17

Still Life No.6 – acrylic on canvas, 120x120cm, 2017
Hamidah-Still Life-No6-120x120cm_17

Still Life No.7 – acrylic on canvas, 70x70cm, 2017
Hamidah-Still Life-No7-70x70cm_17

Adnan Hamidah was born in Damascus in 1962. He had many solo exhibitions and participated in curated group exhibitions in Damascus, Beirut, Dubai and Germany.

The subject of Adnan Hamidah paintings are inspired by everything around him in a city settings and country side. He paints the urban scene and the country side, mountains, towns, plants, animals in relations with the human presence. Mr. Hamidah paint with freedom, ignoring the limitations and the restrictions of the believable and the unbelievable. The viewer can see imaginary creatures living side with human and some are humanized.

Mr. Hamidah was a regular visitor to the national museums of Damascus, Aleppo and Palmyra since chldhood. He compiled over years a visual memory inspired by what he saw at the museums the great art of the ancient civilizations of the Assyrians, the Phoenicians, the Canaanites with their mighty ancient God and Goddess.

He’s style and use of color with spontaneity of painterly expressionist brush strokes determine the final look of the painting. Mr. Hamidah changed subject and style slightly by the influence of the Syrian war which affected many artists of his generation in Syria. The works carried on with many of his subjects but with a twist of the good and beauty of objects that is evident in his recent works that showcases his feelings during the many years of war during bad moments and calm days that reveal anger, excitement, beauty and the celebration of life.


1990 – Ph.D. in Art Science – Strugunov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts – Moscow – Russia
1981 – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Photography, Damascus University, Syria

 Professional Career

2010 – Present – Visual Arts instructor at the Arab International University, Damascus
2001 – 2009 – Visual Arts instructor at the University of Damascus
Board member of the Syrian Visual Arts Union