Asma Fayoumi

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Born; Amman, a Syrian citizen lives and works in Damascus.
1966 – Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, University of Damascus
1968-2002 – Visual Arts lecturer
1999-Present – Curator for national exhibitions
2001-2011 – Art critic writer for Arabic news media.

After 2011 – Expressionist Figures

Aleppo – acrylic on canvas, 48×48 in, 2016

Landing Hands, acrylic on canvas, 60×40 in, 2019
Fayoumi-Landing Hands-acrylic-60x40in_19

Struggle – acrylic on canvas, 40×32 in, 2019

Looking Down – acrylic on canvas, 40×32 in, 2019
Fayoumi-Looking Down-acrylic-40x32_19

Syria – oil on canvas, 40×48 in, 2016

Mother and Children, acrylic on canvas, 60×60 in, 2014
Fayoumi-Mother and Children-acrylic-160x60in_14

Smeared Face, acrylic on canvas, 600×60 in, 2014
Fayoumi-Smeared Face-acrylic-600x60in_14

Protection – acrylic, 60×40 in, 2013
Fayoumi-Stabat Mater-acrylic-60x40in_13in

Before 2011 – Mythological Figuration

Behind Barbed Wire – acrylic on canvas, 48×48 in, 2010
Fayoumi-Behind Barbed Wire-acrylic-48x48in_10

Family – acrylic on canvas, 60×60 in, 2008

Red Melting – acrylic on canvas, 70×70 in, 2009
Fayoumi-Red Melting-acrylic-70x70in_09

Woman and Fire – acrylic on canvas, 60×60 in, 2010
Fayoumi-Woman and Fire-acrylic-60x60in_10


Asma Fayoumi’s formative years as a painter occurred in the 1960s with the emergence of a particular school of Syrian abstraction that was spearheaded by the Italian artist and instructor Guido La Regina. Her professional career as an artist began after her first solo exhibition debut in Damascus in 1966 and flourished thereafter to become one of the lead visual artist in Syria and the Middle East. Her work was in the center of art during the most critical periods of the regional art scene — when the modernist schools displayed willingness to a gradual transition into the contemporary styles and the unsettling political climate in the region was a major force of influence to several artists of her generation.

Mrs. Fayoumi focused on depicting Damascene scenes in her early career guided by the colorist principles of cubism and abstract composition of human figures. She paints with expressive brush strokes that weave the different subjects and shapes together to present a unique signature style, and she has remained committed to depicting the world around her that left a significant mark on contemporary Syrian and Middle Eastern artists.

Mrs. Fayoumi has been featured in countless solo and group exhibitions in the Middle East and Europe and is acknowledged as a seminal female painter who influenced many of the new generation artists. Her paintings are admired for their unique style and method of painting depicting a range of subjects — from mythological figures to the stark realities of the Syrian war that left a mark on her recent work which reflects an internal struggle on how to use her medium to express her anger, frustration and agony of the Syrian people and demonstrated a visual sensitivity with her limited color palette in her composition of the figures.

1966 – Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus, Syria

Professional Career
1968-2002 – Visual Arts instructor and lecturer at The Arab International University, Damascus
1999-Present – Curator for number of national and international group exhibitions
2001-2011 – Art critic writer for several Arabic news media
Board member of the Syrian Visual Arts Union
Member of the Arab Visual Arts Union
Member of Cairo atelier

Solo Exhibitions
2018 – Art House Gallery, Damascus
2011 & 2015 – Ayyam Gallery, Beirut
2008 & 2010 – Ayyam Gallery, Damascus
2003 – Al Bal Gallery, Damascus
2015 – Ashtar Gallery, Damascus
2003 – Fateh Moudaress Gallery, Damascus
2012 – Arts and Culture Center Gallery, Kuwait
2011 – Ayyam Gallery, Beirut
1999 – Atelier Cairo Gallery, Cairo
1989-1998 – Sham Gallery, Damascus
1973 – Syrian Culture Center, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
1972 – United Arab Visual Artists Union, Tunis
1969-1970 – Arts and Culture Center, Damascus
1966 – International Contemporary Art Gallery, Damascus

Group Exhibitions
1966-2019 – All Syrian national group exhibitions in various cities
1999 – “Arabic Eyes” Sharika in the Gulf States
2002 – Sousa International for pioneer Women in arts, Tounis
2001 – Unesco Palace, Beirut
2006 – International Arts Festival, Latakia
2001 – Black and White works, Damascus
2001 – Red Cross Women group tour, Aleppo, Amman, Geneva
2000 – Ashtar Gallery, four women artists, Damascus
1999 – Syrian Arts and Culture Gallery, Paris
1999 – “Four Experimental Artists” Atasi Gallery, Damascus
2096 – “Arabic Women in the Arts”, Amman
1996 – “Syrian Godess” Museum Bonn, Gemany
1993 – “The Eternal Book” Beirut
1982 – Le Palace, Paris

Over 30 national, regional and international awards from museums, ministry of culture, Arab and Iranian Cultural centers
2013 – Appreciation award, the Ministry of Culture, Syria

Asma Fayoumi’s work are in museums and private collections around the Middle East, Russia, Europe and U.S.A.

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