Culturally Diverse – Contemporary International Group Art Exhibition, Aug-Sept, 2018

Galen Cheney: American, born in California (studio in Massachusetts) Morning Table – oil on canvas, 60x48in, 2018 Sensitive Skin – oil on canvas, 60x48in, 2018 Nizar Sabour: Syrian-Russian, born in Damascus (studios in Damascus & Moscow) New Day – acrylic & graphite on canvas, 124 x 57in, 2018 Walls of Palmyra No.5 (diptych) acrylic on canvas, 62Continue reading “Culturally Diverse – Contemporary International Group Art Exhibition, Aug-Sept, 2018”

Five Contemporary Artist’s Solo Exhibits at Artexpo NYC ’18

Artexpo New York April 19-22 Pier 94 NYC, solo exhibitions for four contemporary visual artists at #KhawamGallery Booth 716. Tony Khawam’s Vision of Syria’s War-torn Cities, Aleppo Urban Landscapes; Galen Cheney’s Process-Driven Abstractions; Mkrtich Mazmanian’s Abstract Figurative Sculptures; Rashwan Abdelbaki’s Dis-Figured series and Rana Loutfi’s Poetic Paintings.

Tony Khawam’s Vision of Syria’s War-torn Cities, Aleppo Urban Landscapes at Artexpo NY ’18 with Galen Cheney’s Process-Driven Abstractions, Mkrtich Mazmanian’s Abstract Figurative Sculptures, and Rana Loutfi’s Poetic Paintings

Khawam Gallery presents four contemporary artists at Artexpo New York, April 19-22, 2018, Booth 716 The 40th anniversary of Artexpo NY is gearing up to be an unforgettable experience featuring world-class art, special events, and live entertainment. Join Khawam Gallery at Booth 716 for this unforgettable art experience.

An Evening with Jeff Whyman – 2/24, 2018

  The Cornell Museum invites you to attend a lecture by sculptor Jeff Whyman on February 23, 2018 4-6pm and a silent auction of 6 mid-size steel sculptures to benefit the Museum sculpture garden planned to open in 2019. Did you know that the steel used for the sculpture in front of the Cornell cameContinue reading “An Evening with Jeff Whyman – 2/24, 2018”