Badie Jahjah

Born in Latakia, Syria
Lives and works with studios in Damascus, Dubai and Berlin
1996 – Bachelor of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus, Syria.

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“I am inspired by the nature, people, art, culture, movement, stories, knowledge, philosophy, and spiritual whirling dervishes. This is what I strive to recreate in my own work; to better my understanding and pass the knowledge on”

Badie Jahjah born in Latakia, Syria, lives and works in Damascus with studios in Dubai and Berlin. He’s work is inspired by landscapes and spiritual art in particular Dervishes, Icons, and Whirling of Afala concept derives from Sufism philosophy and culture. The dervishes and their whirling motion are essential elements in communications, he follows their motion in relation to the Universe. He designed a symbol of humanity based on Dervishes Dawaran concept and was sponsored by several cultural centers around the Middle East which led the artist to create limited editions in paintings and bronze sculptures and published several books about the subject.

Jahjah work of Dawaran and symbols consist of five shapes: a central dot, and four accordant arcs which yield by addition the figure (5) as an indication of the five senses. In the symbol we find four shapes of the Arabic letter Noon (ن) sharing the central dot and whirling around themselves. The letter Noon is an abstract shape of a person raising his hands in prayers and praising the senses as being gates to the energy that gives him life. The four arcs of Noon represent the arcs that form the universal circle that implies the symbol of vision and sonic frequencies. The artist’s material of acrylic, ruby beads and bronze adds to the drama of the pieces. 

1996 – Bachelor of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus, Syria.

Professional Career
2000-Present – Art Instructor, Kalamoun University, Damascus.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions
2021 – “Hareq w Horka” (forest Fires in Syria) Alefnooon Gallery, Damascus.
2019 – “Al-Jawhar w Al-Mahaba” (Essene & Love Symbol) Alefnooon Gallery, Damascus.
2018 – “Stories Untold Art from Syria” Athena Cultural Division, Greece.
2017 – “Alwan Wa Afkar” Color per la Pace, Rome, Italy.
2016 – “Dervishes” Alefnooon gallery, Damascus.
2015 – “Symbols of Humanity” Dubai Science and Culture Center, Dubai, UAE.
2014 – Cinemar gallery (special invitation) Dubai.
2013 – “Thinking Project” (manifestation combined Dervishes paintings, theater, music, and cinema), Opera House, Damascus.
2010 – “Dawaran” Kasr Al-Shahabandar; old Damascus.
1993 – “Spiritual Landscapes” Aram gallery, Damascus..

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022 – “Allegories & Motifs” Khawam gallery, Arab America Summit, Marriott Fairview Park, VA, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
2021 – “Cultural Symbols” Dubai Art Expo by the Ministry of Culture with Artisma gallery, Dubai, UAE.
2019 – “Art of the World” international exhibition curated by Matera Italia, Rome, Italy.
2018 – “Stories Untold Art from Syria” Municipality of Amaroussion, Athena, Greece.
2017 – “Alwan Wa Afkar” (Colors and Thoughts) with “colori per la pace” Italy – with Syrian Kids.
2016 – “Trio Debate” Alefno0on gallery, Damascus, Syria.

2014 – Afala “Transformations of a dot” lists the aesthetics of love and peace at the Culture and Science symposium in Dubai, Damascus.
2013 – “Thinking Project Manifestation” combines Dervishes paintings, theater, music, and cinema, Opera House, Damascus.
2021 – “Afala Concept” Cinemar gallery with Dubai Science and Culture Center, Dubai, UAE.

Badie Jahjah’s work are in private, public and Museums collections around the Middle East, Europe and U.S.A.

Alwatan News media article “Rose Secret” by Sara Salameh (10/2022). “Manifistation of the Pulse in Letters” News article (8/2022). “Dervishes” Dawaran exhibit Symbols of Love article (03/2017). “Spiritual Journey” by Khalil Soueleh article (04/2013). “Heritage Awareness, Bridge to the Future” by Reem Ganem article (07/2019).

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