Bassem Dahdouh_2_bw Born – Damascus, Syria
Received Doctorate of Philosophy in Sciences of Art in 1997 from the University of Damascus.
1985-1995 – Master and Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, University of Damascus

Bassem Dahdouh statement from the studio about the Syrian war impact on his art

Figures Distorted No.1, No.2, No.3 series





The Three Wise Monkeys series 




Human-Headed Bull series 





Recent Exhibition at Arab International University (AIU), 2017




Figurative series





Still Life Abstractions

Dahdouh-Still Life-1-100X100cm-Mixed Media on canvas-2015

Dahdouh-Still Life-3-100X100cm-Mixed Media on canvas -2015

Dahdouh-Still Life-4-100X100cm-Mixed Media on canvas -2015

Bassem Dahdouh studied in Adham Ismail Art Centre, and graduated from the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University; in 1986. He got his PhD from Hilwan University in Egypt in 1999. Currently, he is the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, International Arab University in Syria. He won two awards, and held solo exhibitions in Damascus, Beirut, Alexandria, Tunis, and Kuwait. He also participated in group events in Damascus, Aleppo, Istanbul, Tehran, Canada, Bulgaria, Geneva, and Cairo. At first, Dahdouh followed the traditions of realism in depicting his subjects, but in his more recent work, he shifted focus towards composition. Most of his recent work is depictions of portraits and figures significantluy distorted to express the horror fallen upon his world by the Syrian crisis .

1990 – Ph.D. in Art Science – Strugunov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts – Moscow, Russia
1981 – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Photography, Damascus University, Syria

Professional Career
2014 – Present – Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Arab International University, Syria
2000 – Present – Visual Arts instructor at the University of Damascus
2007 – Venice Biennale, representing Syria
Board member of the Syrian Visual Arts Union

Solo Exhibitions
2000 – 2017 – 10 Solo exhibitions in Damascus, Aleppo, Beirut, Amman, Cairo, Bahrain, Kuwait, Russia, France, Germany and Canada.
2003 – Ahmad Adwan Gallery, Kuwait
2000 – Ashtar Gallery, Damas
1997 – Qawaf Gallery, Aleppo
2007 – 52e Biennale de Venise
2005 – The Syrian contemporary art Exhibition, Orok Gallery, Damascus
2004 – The Arab world festival, Université Concordia, Montréal

Group Exhibitions
2019 – Contemporary Art in Syria, organized by, Breman, Germany
1990-2017 – 15 group exhibitions in Damascus, Aleppo, Beirut, Amman, Cairo, Alexandria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, Tahran, Istanbul, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Germany and Spain.

Bassem Dahdouh’s work are in many private, public and museums collections around the Middle East, Russia, Europe and U.S.A.