Carlos Sablon

Born in Cuba and now lives and works in Paris France.
2015 – Master educational science ISP Blas Roca Calderio, Manzanillo, Cuba
2013 – BA from Cultural center, Havana, Cuba.

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Carlos Sablon born in Cuba and now lives and works in Paris France, he has a MA degree from Master educational science ISP Blas Roca Calderio, Manzanillo, Cuba and a BA from the Cultural center, Havana, Cuba. The artist Bruno Altmayer at the Grand Prix Léopold Sédar Senghor des Arts 2015 at the Cénacle Européen des Arts & des Lettres, praised him. In addition, Sablon is part of a famous group of artists “Libellule” which is very credible reference.

Carlos Sablon was influenced by the Florentine and Flemish schools, and is reassuring at a time when an art movement is ingeniously trying to make us take it seriously, but it is a diversion of manufactured products and other sterile insipidities devaluing the very idea of art.

Sablon has a remarkable technical and studio practice, it is sufficient to observe his draping, the aesthetic beauty of his characters immersed in a mystical or esoteric universe where the symbol is king. His work is a perpetual questioning of the origin of life, of its future and each of his works reveals a poetry for humanity. A symbolist vision in its syncretic form. Mix of cultures, close link between legends and reality, without ruling out the very idea of shamanism.

2010 – Master educational science ISP Blas Roca Calderio, Manzanillo, Cuba.
2009 – Graduate “Challenges of the visual arts on the territory”, Cultural center.
2008 – Graduated “Panorama of the plastic arts of 90-95” Cultural Center.
2007 – Critical diploma of the art of the 20th century, Cultural Center,
2005 – Diploma in plastic artistic education; ISP Blas Roca Calderio, Manzanillo, Cuba.

Professional Career
2022 – Head of the Strange Visioniric group, Salon Comparaisons, Grand Palais Paris, France.
2007-2010 – Provincial Gallery of Art, Design, Specialist in the conservation of works of art. Bayamo, Granma, Cuba.
2005-2010 – EIA Cacique Hatuey Professional Art School. Professor of universal art, visual arts scene. Painting workshop, drawing workshop for third and fourth years of the specialty, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba.
2007-2010 – ISP Blas Roca Calderío, Professor of Art History, Latin American Art, Cuban Culture, Art Studio; Manuel Muñoz Cedeño School of Art, Bayamo, Granma – Cuba.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions
2018 – immersion; Abbey of Vinetz. Châlons-en-Champagne, France.
2014 – Earth and Color, Maison Clémangis Exhibition Hall. Châlons-en-Champagne, France.
2013 – Apple of discord, CSC Rive Gauche. Châlons-en-Champagne, France; Renaissance Night, Cloister Saint Gengoult. Toulouse, France.
2012 – World reunions, CSC Rive Gauche. Châlons-en-Champagne, France.
2011 – Invocation of the Myths, Gallery – Atelier ZQD, Bogota, Colombia; Invocation of the Myths, Castle of Alba, Alba-la-Romaine, France.
2008 – 2009 Work of the month, Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design Gallery. Bayamo, Cuba; Memoirs of a Walker, “Small Dimension Experimental Atelier” Gallery Bayamo; Work of the month, Tele point. Bayamo, Cuba.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022 – Salon Comparaisons, Grand Palais. Paris, France. 7th Biennial of Fantastic Art – Alten Rathaus; Viechtach – Germany. Auction in the Grand Salon of the Espace Jean Denis Gouzien department, Châlons-en-Champagne, France. Exhibition at the Tourist Office. Contemporary Art 51, Chalons-en-Champagne, France; 1st Small format show: DUO. Living Art, Priory of Vinetz, Châlons-en-Champagne, France.
2021 – Homage to the Masters, Galerie Kulturkorridor, Gera Germany; La Fontaine, Château-Thierry – France 6th Biennial of Fantastic Art – Alten Rathaus; Viechtach – Germany; Half Man-Half Beast Divinities, House of Radio and Television, Bratislava – Slovakia; Horses, Chimeria Festival, Château fort, Sedan – France.
2020 – Tribute to Leon Bourgeois, Cloister Museum, Châlons-en-Champagne, France; Tra Sacro e Profano, Museo Venanzo Crocetti, Rome, Italy; Salon Comparaisons, La Fontaine, Grand Palais, Paris – France; 6th Biennial of Fantastic Art – Alten Rathaus; Viechtach – Germany.
2019 – Tribute to the Masters, Wroclau, Poland; Exclamations! Gera, Germany; Hell paradise or infernal paradise? Toledo, Circle of Art. Spain; Salon Comparaisons, Grand Palais. Paris France.

Awards and Grants
2021 – Canaletto Award, Career Achievement Award. Presso Villa Valier, Mira, Italy.
2020 – Leonardo Da Vinci Award, L’artiste universel. Borghese Palace, Florence – Italy.
2009 – Certificate for an exceptional contribution to the Festival international XXIX Caraïbes.
2009 – Diploma for my work at the Provincial Center for Plastic Arts and Design for its 27th anniversary.
2005 – 3rd Prize « Granma Brushes ». House of Culture “October 20”. Bayamo.

Carlos Sablon’s works are in public and private collections throughout Europe, China, and the Americas.

IMMERSION “Inner Journey” by Dr. Florian Corbier, Art History, University of Reims, Champagne-Ardennes, France.
“Notes by the Poetic Carlos Sablon” by Iraida Ginarte Gonzalez, curator and art critic, Quito, Ecuador (2016).
“Art is a Hybrid Being” by Thomas Grunfeld, Amaryllis Terga Olive, art critic.
“Criticism of Carlos Sablon” by Dott. Francesco Russo, art critic and curator.
Exposition International “Hallucinations” by Michel Benard, Laureate of the French Academy, Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, Parist, France.
“The Fables of LA Fontaine” by Prof. Gerharf Habarta (2019).

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