Edward Shahda

1976 – Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University
1991-1992 – Residency workshop, Kalanikov Anatole, Russia

Salome – mixed media on canvas, 32 x 24 in, 2016


Damascus Faces – mixed media on canvas, 45 x 36 in, 2015


Damascus Incarus – mixed media on canvas, 45 x 36 in, 2014


Homeless – mixed media on canvas, 45 x 36 in, 2013


Last Fighter (series No.1 – No.2 – No. 3 – No.4 – mixed media on canvas, 32 x 45 in, 2013



EDWARD SHAHDA was born in Hama, Syria, lives and works in Damascus. His subjects are inspired by folk tales, myths, and local icons; with a focus on the female body. His work is characterized by simplified expression with color spaces and touches, sometimes surrounded by symbolic elements.

1976 – Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus, University with excellence honor
1991-1992 – Residency workshop, Atelier of Anatoly Clankov, Russia

Professional Career
2000 – Present – Visual Arts instructor at the University of Damascus
Board member of the Syrian Visual Arts Union

Edward Shahda’s work are in museums and private collections around the Middle East, Russia, Europe and U.S.A.

Solo Exhibitions:
1981: The Soviet Cultural Center, Damascus – Syria.
1983: The Military Housing Foundation, Damascus – Syria.
1992: Solo exhibition in Stavropol – Russia.
1995: Ishtar Gallery, Damascus – Syria.
2002: Fateh Moudarres Atelier, Damascus – Syria.
2006: (Oriental Shrines) at Atassi Gallery, Damascus – Syria.
2011: (To Mahmud Darwish) at Tajalliyat Art Gallery, Damascus – Syria.
2011: Art on 56th Gallery, Beirut – Lebanon.

Group exhibitions:
2020 – “Emerging Art From War-Torn Syria: War & Hope” Curated by Tony Khawam, presented by ArtServe, Miami, FL.
2019 – Oct 9-10 at Florida International Trade & Cultural Expo, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center, Oct 4-6 at Verasoni, Fairfield, NJ; Sept 27-29, Syrian Arts & Culture Center, Brooklyn, NY.
1984: Exhibition with (Assem Al-Basha, George Maher & Ghassan Nana) in the People’s Hall, Damascus – Syria.
1992: Exhibition with three artists in Stavropol city – Russia.
1996: Exhibition with sculptor Zaki Salam in the People’s Hall, Homs – Syria.
1996: Exhibition with (Karam Matouk & Ghassan Nana) at Khanji Gallery,  Aleppo – Syria.
1998: (Life Stage) in the French Center in Damascus – Syria.
2000: Monte Rosa Forum in participation  with artists from – Lebanon.
2001: (Women and War) at the Red Crescent, Damascus – Syria.
2001: Alexandria Biennial – Egypt.
2003: (Europe Art) in Geneva – Switzerland.
2004: ( The Small Painting) at Suad Issawi Gallery – Jordan.
2004: Al-Dar Hall for culture and arts, Drousha – Syria.
2005: Second International Biennial of Beijing – China.
2005: Exhibition of four artists, Istanbul – Turkey.
2005: Small Painting Exhibition – Canada.
2006 – 2007: Project Activities in Tal Al-Hajjara (Neighborhood Artists).
2008 – Third International Biennial of Beijing, China.
2008 – Exhibition of five Syrian artists at Fort Hamilton Gallery, Brooklyn – New York.
2008 – The Opening of Kamel Art Gallery, Damascus – Syria.
2008 – (Damascus – Paris Regards Croises) Arab World Institute in Paris – France.
2009 – Tribute exhibition to the artist Ghias-Akhras.
2009 – Dubai Art Gallery.
2009 – (Damascus – Paris Regards Croises) at the National Museum in Damascus.

Participant in the Government exhibitions (local and abroad) since 1975. Participated in the designation and implementation of the decor  of Opera (Dido & Eneas) with mural painting background.

A drawing of two mural paintings for the Institute of Political Sciences in Damascus in 1987

Implementation of the Decorative touches in Damascus Opera House (Dar Al Assad for Culture and the Arts)

Two works were acquired in the Beijing International Biennale chosen by the organizing committee 2005 – 2008

2008 – The implementation of the “Revival of memory” exhibitions within the activities of Damascus Capital of Arab Culture.

Algaria (Suwayda) an area of 130 m2 made out of mosaic with the participation of Ghassan Nana and Nabil Samman.

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