Georgi Andonov

Bulgarian born artist
Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria
1989 – BA degree, Dechko Yzunov college of fine art, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
1995 – Master degree of Fine Art, National Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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— << Umbrella and Beach series >> —

— << Classic Figures with Butterflies series >> —

— << Exhibitions and Studio >> —

Bulgarian artist, Georgi Andonov, believes that “art should express beauty and joy.” Andonov works in many mediums and genres, and his paintings draw from the inclination to nostalgia. Working with deference to the masters, he creates paintings that are strikingly contemporary, though without specific timely references. Andonov graduated from the National Art Academy in 1990. He has managed a gallery in Beirut, Lebanon, and has exhibited extensively in Bulgaria where he’s resided since 2006. He has also exhibited in London, Dubai, Greece, Prague, Berlin, Istanbul, Vienna, and Los Angeles. In addition to his work as an artist, Andonov is passionate about his work with Contemporary Art Society, bringing art to a wider audience, in partnership with Art Contemporary Fadi Mogabgab Gallery (Beirut), the latter with which Andonov has been associated since 1998. 

1989 – Dechko Yzunov BA degree college of fine art, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
1995 – Master degree of Fine Art, National Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Professional Career
2007 – Founded Contemporary Art Society, Bulgaria

Selected One-Person Exhibitions
2021 – Milenium Hotel, Sofia; Galeria Nesi, Burgas; BluBay Gallery, Sozopo, Bulgaria
2020 – BluBay Gallery, Sozopo, Bulgaria,
2019 – Frame of Mind, Ormond Beach, FL, USA 
2018 – National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria; Frame of Mind, Ormond Beach, FL, USA   
2017 – IL Interior, Marbella, Bulgaria
2014 – Sofia Gallery, Edelvais, Bulgaria
2013 – Apeiron Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022 – Coast Gallery, Laguna Beach, LA, CA; Island Art Galleries, Hawaii, USA
2021 – Imar Gallery, and in 2021, Mikonos, Greece
2019 – Moberg Gallery, IA, USA
2018 – Galleria Frank Kruger, and in 2017, Palma De Mallorca
2016 – Salton Sea Art Show; Galeria Frank Kruger, Palma De Mallorca, USA
2015 – Gallery Mokhovaya-18 St. Petersburg, FL, USA.

Art Fair Participation
2008 – Kensington Hall Art Fair, London, UK
2002 – Biell Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon
2009 – Cambridge Art Fair, UK
2011 – Art Biz, Cambridge, UK
2013 – Salton Sea Art Show, Palm Springs, CA
2015 – ArtBox Projects, Miami, USA
2023 – Hamptons Fine Art Fair, presented by Katrina Moldova Gallery, NY, USA

Georgi Andonov’s work is in private and public collection in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and USA.
including the Museum of Fine Art Academy, Sofia, Burgaria, Jack Daniels HQ, CA; Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV.

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