Kelly Fischer

Born in Memphis, Tenessee, and now lives and works in Memphis and Bern, Switzerland.
1995 – BS from University of Memphis, TN



Kelly Fischer was born in Memphis, Tennessee and now lives and works in Bern and Memphis. She has lived in Switzerland for the past thirty years and maintains strong connections in both countries, spending equal time at her studios in Bern & Memphis. Much of her current work came from the Street Art series, which draws on the souls of different downtown neighborhoods. Each one, she says, inspires her a different way, affecting the style. Avenue B, in the East Village, was colorful and lively, with a lot of movement. “The East Village felt like there were no rules,” she said, and was inspired to push her artistic limits for experimenting with new ideas. Tribeca’s energy felt more like Switzerland, “People don’t think out of the box as much” she said.

Fischer’s recent work Blending Worlds, is a combination of pieces that seek to articulate the feel and energy of her favorite parts of Downtown Manhattan and her home in Switzerland. Each piece of abstract art tries to capture the culture, energy, and interactions of the people wherever she goes. Especially the interactions; her goal, she says, is to make the lines and the colors so cohesive that everyone feels included. “It’s about connection. The lines, the circles, everything has to connect with each other”.

Before Fischer professional career as an artist, she was an educator and head of the English Department at Montessori school of Bern, Switzerland. She started her professional career in the arts which she has written and published eleven children’s books. Eight years later, she quit her education job and became a visual artist with blending the world of education and artistry which she launched an interactive exhibition of her best-selling book, “The Most Beautiful Color of All”.

Professional Career
2006-2013 – Educator and administrator at a Montessori school in Switzerland
2008-2013 – Author of children books and written 12 to date–blending two more worlds

Selected One-Person Exhibitions
2021-2022 – Forthcoming: “Documentary Debut” Dolby Theater, The Hamptons and NYC; Memphis, TN; Cartagena, Colombia
2021 – Forthcoming (10/21): “Fusion Words” Vesaniart gallery, Cuevas de Hercules, Toledo, Spain
2020 – “Blending World” street art series at the Swiss Consulate, New York, NY; Medicine Factory, Memphis, TN; Andres Linares-Guerrero gallery, Colombia
2020 – “Street Art” Cuevas de Hércules, Toledo, Spain; Cuevas de Hécules, Toledo, Spain
2020 – “Contemporary Art Fair” Plaza de Colon, Madrid, Spain
2020 – “Street Art” Consulate General of Switzerland, New York, NY
2019 – “Street Art” Bowery Lobby Hotel, Vogelsang gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2019 – “The Most Beautiful Color of All” ANF architects, Memphis, TN
2019 – “Street Art” Hwang gallery, Bern, Switzerland; Mijas Malaga, Spain; Scope NYC, Contemporary Arts Project USA, New York, NY.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2021 – “Stay Creative Campaign” Cube Art Fair, NYC; World Center, Wynwood and Brickell, Miami, FL
2021 – Decends S. “Al-Andalus” curated by Nuria Delgado VesaniArt & Institute of Arab and Mediterranean Culture (ICAM), Geneva, Switzerland and Seville, Spain
2020 – Cube Art Fair, online viewing room, Brussel, Belgium (6/2020) Miami, FL (12/2020)
2020 – “Documentary Screening” Hamptons TV Film Festival, East Hampton, NY
2019 – “Mural Street Art Gstaad” Art Living Miami and Contemporary Arts Project USA
2019 – “Jackson Hole Fine Art Fair, HG Contemporary gallery NY, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
2018 – “Faces of Eve” International Art Events, London, England; “Saint Bernard Pass Meets Street Art” Gallery Box, Zürich, Switzerland; Vienna Biennale, “Blue. Blau. Bleu.” Vienna, Austria; Peripheri Arts, Im Himmel Welken Keine Blumen, Bern, Switzerland.

Awards and Grants
Arts Memphis “Individual Artist Grant” (2020); Swiss Arts Council of Zurich, Switzerland paintings award (2019); International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies, Zurich, Switzerland artist award (2018); Indie Book Award “The Most Beautiful Color of All” and  “Colorwheel” (2009).

Kelly Fischer’s workis in permanent collections including Jewish Foundation, Boca Raton, FL, Germantown Performing Arts Center, Memphis, TN; Miami Dade College, Miami, FL; Widmar Halle, Bern, Switzerland, as well as in private and corporate collections throughout Europe, and the Americas.

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