Khawam Sculptures


Entangled – wood, electric wires, pvc pipes, metallic paint, 34x16x15in, 2019

Cascading Facades No.1 & No.2 – 72x42x42in, wood, aluminum, paint & resin, 2018

Khawam’s sculpture of “Urbanism” in his Cascading Facades series are purely abstract shapes that intuitively generate a structural relationship of light and space. The sculpture works with entangled architectural materials and ordinary modern household objects and shapes that strongly suggest the human figure. The structure of the sculpture is based on repeated geometric shapes in different sizes, juxtaposed and tumbling towards the base. The sculptures are inspired by bare building frameworks of skeleton-like apartment buildings, a depiction of the falling facades, windows, doors, balconies, railings and debris that make it almost intact despite the collapsed structures.

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