Nizar Sabour

Born in Latakia and now lives and works in Damascus and Moscow.
1990 – Ph.D. in Art Science, Strugunov Academy of Industrial & Applied Arts, Moscow, Russia.
1981 – Bachelor of Fine Arts, Damascus University, Syria.

Sabour talks from his studio about the Syrian culture influence on his work.

Maaloula Series

Palmyra Series

NIZAR SABOUR was born in Latakia and now lives and works in Damascus and Moscow. He received his PhD in art philosophy from Strugunov Academy in Moscow, the influence of Syrian-Russian cultures are reflected in his work which splits between two themes, the first has religious undertones, focusing on the artist’s fascination with historical imagery and icons whether Christian, Islamic or non-Abrahamic traditions and the second theme is very poetic. His images tend to appear archaic, utilizing traditional elements silkscreened with paint, sand, and ash on canvas, with a flattened perspective and spots of colored shapes. He employs motifs reminiscent of the European Dada movement rather than the precision of historical iconography. His recent work includes Icons, Maaloula and Palmyra have a correlation to the historical and religious places in Syria where the extremists entered towns and ransacked the culture.

1990 – Ph.D. in Art Science – Strugunov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts – Moscow, Russia
1981 – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Photography, Damascus University, Syria

Professional Career
2014-Present – Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the private University of Kalamoun, Deir Atieh, Syria
2011-2013 – Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, Head of Graphic Design Department at the International University for Science and Technology, Damascus
2005-2008 – Head of Painting and Photography Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University, board member of the Syrian Visual Arts Union

Nizar Sabour’s work is in museums and private collections around the Middle East, Russia, Europe and U.S.A.

Solo Exhibitions
2019 – “Syrian Icons” Contemporary National Museum for Visual Arts, Damascus
2018 – “Maaloula & Palmyra” Rayzan Museum, Rayzan, Russia
2018 – “Memories of Cities” House of Art, Moscow, Russia
2017 – “Palmyra Walls” Rayzan Museum, Rayzan, Russia; Syrian National Museum, Damascus
2017 – “Olives” Kalimat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey; Solitaire Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2016 – “Six Years” Khan Asaad Pasha Gallery, Damascus; Visual Arts National Museum, Damascus
2010 – “Palmyra Icons” National Museum, Damascus

Group Exhibitions
2018 – and Untold Srories, London
2017 – “Memories of Cities” Sabra Gallery
2017 – “Destructive Icons” Rizan National Museum of Art, Rizan, Russia
2017 – “Olive Dish Series” Kalimat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey; “Damascus Icons” SV Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2016 – “The Qalamoun”Mark HashimGallery, Beirut, Lebanon 2015 – “Damascus Diaries” Hallbiene Four, Hanover, Germany; Orient House, Amman, Jordan
2014 – “Book in the Diaspora” – “Cap for Contemporary Art” – Kuwait
2010 – “Destruction of icons” Europeia Art Fair, Paris – France; Mark Hashem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2014 – “Book in the Diaspora” – “Cap for Contemporary Art” – Kuwait
2010 – “Destruction of icons” Europeia Art Fair, Paris – France; Mark Hashem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

Art Fairs
Biennial Venice 2011; Sharjah Biennial 1995; 1997 and 1999; Biennale “Al Mahaba” Syria 1995.

2015 – “Natural Materials in Contemporary Photography” National Center for Visual Arts, Damascus
2008 – “First Mediterranean Environmental Art Forum” Crete, Greece (August)
2007 – “The Mediterranean Foundation, Damascus (may); Gallery Qazh, Damascus
2006 – “Art Instructors and Students of the Department of Photography in cooperation with Shell Damascus

2006 – Visual Artist Fellowship, 4th Tehran Biennale for Contemporary Art
2004 – Visual Artist Fellowship first prize, Dubai Scientific Forum for Arts, Dubai

Bibliography/Press (selected) (open links with Google Chrome for English translation)2020 – Nizar Sabour: “Beautiful Death” Tishreen Journal (3/14/2020);
Syrian Artist is Searching for Life in Death” Alarab.CO.UK News (2/7/2020);
“Understanding The Love Code” AlHuria Journal (1/19/2020);“Searching For The Legitimacy of The Visual Language” AlBaath News (4/1/2020);2019 – “Contemporary Syrian Art on ” US Tour, Brooklyn Reporter Spectator, New York (11/2019)
“56 Syrian Cultural Figures” Sana News (3/25/2019)

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