Omran Younis

Omran Younis-headshot_bwSyrian, lives and works in Damascus
1997 – Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, University of Damascus

Portraits Abstracted
Syrian artist Omran Younis enjoyed listening to classical music in the background while painting beautiful abstract paintings, but In 2011, as the sounds he began listening to the background became bombs and rockets, he struggled with how to use the medium of art to convey to the world the widespread suffering of the war. The savagery of war is startlingly clear with the death and suffering in his paintings, he changed her style to include the horrible reality around him.

Omran Younis-Burnt-Portrait-mixed-media-70x50cm_web
Omran Younis-painting_1
Omran Younis-painting_2
Omran Younis-painting_3
Omran Younis-painting_4
Omran Younis-painting_5
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