Rana Loutfi-headshot Born – Damascus, Syria
Syrian-American artist, lives & works in Detroit, Michigan.
2000 – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Photography, Damascus University
2005 – Continued art education, specialty pastel effects, Paint Creek for arts, Detroit, Michigan

Loutfi-sufi 50x70cm

Loutfi-broken 50x70cm_web

Loutfi-3 tears 100x100 cm_web

Loutfi-inana 2018 30x 60 in_web

Loutfi-let's dance 40x100cm

Loutfi-me and him 40x100cm_web

Loutfi-only me 100x 150 cm_web

Loutfi-the dancer 70x 100_web

Loutfi-The Queen 70x100cm_web

Loutfi-the saint 50x70cm


The inspiration of my recent work captures the spirit and essence of my surroundings to create personal passages through my previous and current experiences. I was born and raised in Damascus, Syria, throughout my childhood and adulthood, I was a frequent visitor to the Museum of Arts and Antiquities in Damascus that has one of the world’s best collections of artifacts of the ancient civilizations.

My visits to contemporary art galleries in Damascus and Beirut helped me combine some of the cultural elements with the modern life that surrounded me and shaped my artistic vision by using poetry as a visual means to add calligraphic elements to elevate the painting to a higher visual and intellectual experience that resonate with the viewers. Some of my poems expressed on canvas with Arabic calligraphy lettering that hugs the images to create a unique contemporary visual experience that tells a story about who I am as an artist and how I’m connected between the my birth place, the Syrian culture and my immigration to the US through the American culture.

2000 – Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of fine arts, Damascus, Syria
2001 – special courses in black and white photography
2005 – Continued art education, specialty pastel effects, Paint Creek for arts, Detroit, Michigan

Professional Career
2010-Present – Creative director, and founder of DAMASK for art and design, specialized in graphic design, photography, and a special line of personalized invitation cards

Solo Exhibitions
2017 – Art House, Damascus
2017 – Amine Sayegh and Fadi Turk Gallery, Lebanon
2016 – Auction in the ASACA (American Syrian Arab Cultural Association)
2010 – Art of Rochester gallery, Michigan, Detroit – White and Black Photography

Group Exhibitions
2006 – Paint Creek gallery, Detroit, Michigan
2005 – Art of Rochester gallery, Detroit, Michigan
2001 – Shell Middle East juried art show, Damascus, Syria with the 3rd place for the Photography
1999 – Luxor, Egypt student group art exhibition

1999 – Art fellow, 20 days fine arts residency at Cairo University

Private and corporate collections, Middle East, Europe and USA