Reem Tarraf

Reem Tarraf_bwBorn; Homs, Syria
1998 – Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, University of Damascus
Teacher in Art Education
Reem Tarraf-Disfigure-1-180x120cm_17
Reem Tarraf-Bloody Laundry-180x260_17
Reem Tarraf-Disfigure-2-140x240cm_17
Reem Tarraf-Disfigure-3-148x148cm_17
Reem Tarraf-Disfigure-4-180x260_17
Reem Tarraf-Disfigure-5-145x250_17
Reem Tarraf-Disfigure-6-180x260_17
Reem Tarraf-Disfigure-7-145x165_17
Reem Tarraf-Disfigure-8-145x165_17

Figures Abstracted
Before the current proxy war in Syria began in 2011, Syrian artist Reem Tarraf enjoyed listening to classical music in the background while painting beautiful abstract paintings. In 2011, as the sounds she began listening to the background became bombs and rockets, she struggled with how to use the medium of art to convey to the world the widespread suffering of the war. Her images turned much darker, such as above abstract painting series of bloody laundry on a clothesline. Like so many of her artist colleagues, she changed her style to include the horrible reality around her.

The rebellion of the soul
Reed Tarraf abstract paintings are definitions of forms, lines, colors with suggestion of movements that depict beauty, anger, happiness and spiritualities. She focuses on color and texture for the ultimate visual shock with unlimited imagination of thoughts.

Born in Homs, Syria
Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Damascus in 1998, department of graphic arts.
She won the third prize at the third exhibition of Syrian youth and has worked for many years in the field of design, drawings and programs for children as well as in art education.
She has participated in many artistic activities outside of Syria in Canada, Dubai and America and resumed her artistic production activities, and devoted herself to it in 2016.

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