Front Line in Umber and Sienna – acrylic on canvas, 48x64in, 2019

Olive Field Near My City – acrylic on canvas, 70x62in, 20196-Khawam-OliveField-in-my-City-acrylic-48x72in_19_web

Rods and Concrete – acrylic on canvas, 48x36in, 2019
4-Khawam-Rods and Concrete-acrylic-48x36in_19_web

Entangle – acrylic, yarn knitting and resin on canvas, 32x40in, 2019

Sharp Corners – acrylic on canvas, 32x40in, 2019
2-Khawam-Sharp Angles_acrylic-32x40in_19_web

Curved Concrete – acrylic on canvas, 54x35in, 2019
3-Khawam-Folded Concrete_acrylic-54x35in_19_web

Debris in Aleppo No.4 – acrylic on canvas, 48x32in, 2018

Debris in Aleppo No.3 – acrylic on canvas, 48x32in, 20183-Debris-in-Aleppo-No3-acrylic-48x36in-18_web

Debris in Aleppo No.2 – acrylic on canvas, 48x32in, 20182-Debris-in-Aleppo-No2-acrylic-48x36in-18_web

Debris in Aleppo No.4 – acrylic on canvas, 48x32in, 20181-Debris-in-Aleppo-No1-acrylic-48x36in-18_web

2018-Studio_15-debries in Aleppo No3_web

2018-Studio_16-Debries in Aleppo No1-2_web

Syria – Aleppo Urban Landscapes series – No.7 to No.14 – 35″ x 35″ acrylic, 2016-2018 (select works, call gallery for available works)

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No15_6 paintings_35x35_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No13_6 paintings_35x35_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No14_6 BirdsEyView_35x35_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No5_6 paintings_35x35_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No6_6 paintings_35x35_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No9_6 paintings_35x35_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No11_6 paintings_35x35_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No12_6 paintings_35x35_web

Aleppo Urban Landscapes Black & White unique Giclée limited editions of 5

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No9-10_12 upderpaintings_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No11-12_12 underpaintings_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No1-2_16 paintings_47x37_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No3-4_16 paintings_47x37_web

New York Metro Urbanism (select works)

Public Square No.1 – 48″x36″ – acrylic on Canvas, 1998 (available)
1998-Public Square-No1_48x36_web

Access Denied – 56″ x 67″- acrylic on canvas (private collection)
2000-Access Denied_67x56_web

Artificial Intelligence – 56″ x 67″ – acrylic on canvas (private collection)
2000-Artificial Intelligence_67x56_web

Denial – 67″ x 56″ – acrylic on canvas (private collection)

Encrypted Messages – 56″ x 67″ – acrylic on canvas (private collection)
2000-Encrypted Messages_67x56_web

Streamer – 66″x44″ – acrylic on canvas (private collection)