Tony KhawamAmerican, born in Aleppo, Syria. Works and lives in Boca Raton, Florida and Wayne, New Jersey

1985 – Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, the School of Visual Arts, New York City. Continued education in marketing & advertising at Montclair State University, New Jersey


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Art is a form of expression and an exchange of cultures and ideas conveyed via an aesthetic experience.
[Art makes people aware of their stream of consciousness. One very important aspect of art is that it makes people aware of what they know and what they don’t know that they know.]

My recent work showcases expressionist paintings vision of Syria’s urban landscapes in its war-torn cities. My primary focus is of my birthplace — the city of Aleppo with urban scenes of collapsed apartment floors, fallen balconies, curved rooftops, debris and punched holes in building facades. My new direction is expressed primarily through the use of accumulative strokes and the manipulation of paint to create an abstract interpretation. My aim is not to focus on the politics of the conflict, but instead to raise awareness in the hope of changing the perception from destruction — of haunting and disturbing scenes to hopeful, colorful neighborhoods that are filled with life. The presence of people is felt without showing human suffering and offer a glimpse of hope for residents to return and rebuild. I use insistently brush strokes lines in all directions that meant to convey my perception of the speed and flux of modern life with the suggestion of movement, and to evoke hidden personages that center on expression rather than representation.

“Urbanism” is a purely abstraction sculpture which will intuitively generate a structural relationship of light and space by working with ordinary daily materials.  The multi-colored sculpture represents the multiculturalism of both South Florida as well as the visitors who come.  As beautiful as each individual piece and person is, the sculpture shows that together the whole together is even more beautiful than the individual pieces.

Florida’s beautiful sunlight plays a major role when viewing the sculpture and will give different impressions during daylight, twilight and evening light. The aluminum material will reflect the light and help to define and control as well as give new ways of seeing the sculpture from different angles at different times of day.

The sculpture works with entangled architectural materials and ordinary modern household objects and shapes.  Visitors will be invited to walk around the sculpture. What one sees when viewed from different angles will see different shapes and become part of the viewer’s experience.

The structure of the sculpture is based on repeated geometric shapes in different sizes, juxtaposed and tumbling towards the base. The sculptures are inspired by bare building frameworks of skeleton-like apartment buildings, a depiction of the falling facades, windows, doors, balconies, railings and debris that make it almost intact despite the collapsed structures.

The creator, Tony Khawam, is a Syrian-American visual artist.  The subject of his recent work was influenced by complex social and cultural differences that impact ordinary people in urban settings. The human figure along with geometric and organic shapes are evident in his recent paintings and sculptures.

Mr. Khawam’s work showcases, and his proposed project seeks to construct a vision of contemporary techniques and styles in both paintings and sculptures. His painting technique incorporates spontaneity and the rapid execution of expressionist strokes to capture the essence of the urban scene in a semi-abstraction style that utilizes forms, lines, and colors to suggest movements that evoke beauty, anger, happiness and spirituality.

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1985 – The School of Visual Arts, New York City. Graduated with B.F.A. in fine arts. Continued education in marketing & advertising at Montclair State University, NJ

Artist and creative marketing director for fortune 100 companies, pharmaceutical, financial and commercial real estate industries

2018 – Artexpo New York Int’l Art Fair, New York City Pier 94
2018 – Art Palm Beach Int’l Art Fair, West Palm Beach, FL
2017 – Red Dot Miami Int’l Art Fairs, Miami, FL
2017 – Bailey Contemporary Arts Gallery, Pompano Beach (Ft Lauderdale), FL
2017 – “Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo” #FITCE17, artist invitation from the Broward County Cultural and Arts to exhibit solo at Broward County Convention Center, Ft Lauderdale, FL
2006 – Walter Wickiser gallery, New York, NY
2005 – CS Schulte gallery, Millburn, NJ
2003 – Simon Gallery, Morristown, NJ
2000 – Walter Wickiser gallery, New York, NY
2000 – Morris Museum of Art, Morristown, NJ
2000 – Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters gallery, NJ, “New Jersey artists series”
2000 – Simon Gallery, Morristown, NJ
1999 – Nabisco Gallery, East Hanover, NJ “New Jersey Artists Series”
1999 – Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ “New Jersey Artists Series”
1998 – CS Schulte gallery, Millburn, NJ
1998 – Sharing Plough Corp., World Headquarters gallery at Giralda Farms estates, Madison, NJ. “New Jersey artists series”
1997 – O.K. Harris gallery, New York, NY
1994 – The Dow Jones & Company Headquarters Gallery, Princeton, NJ “New Jersey Artists Series”
1993 – MetLife Gallery, New York, NY


2018 – Design Center of The Americas, interior designers special event exhibition, Ft Lauderdale, FL
2017 – “Postcard Exhibit for fundraising” to renovate New Mexico State U Art Gallery
2017 – “Truth and Reconciliation” Little Haiti Cultural Complex Gallery, Miami, FL
2017 – “Art Boca Raton” Int’l Pavilion of the Palm Beaches at Florida Atlantic University
2017 – “Art Palm Beach” Palm Beach Convention Center
2005 – “Figuration” New Jersey Center for Visual Arts Gallery, NJ
2001 – “The NJ Fine Arts Annual”, The Noyes Museum of Art, NJ
2001 – “The Art of Collecting” New Jersey Center for Visual Arts Gallery, NJ
2000 – “Traveling Show” Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ & The Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, GA
2000 – “Annual Art Talent” New American Paintings, catalog show
1999 – “Acrylic painters, Works on Paper” CS Schulte Gallery, Millburn, NJ
1998 – “The New Jersey Fine Arts Annual”, The Montclair Art Museum, NJ, Catalog show
1998 – City Without Walls gallery, Newark, NJ
1998 – “In Defense of the Enigmatic” Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, NJ, curated by Stephen Sennott from City Without Walls gallery
1997 – “Works on Paper” Pritz gallery, Mayville, NY
1997 – “Acrylic painters” CS Schulte Gallery, Millburn, NJ
1997 – JCB Int’l Co. Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, curated by Walter Wickiser gallery NYC
1997 – Three-person show, Simon gallery, Morristown, NJ
1996 – “Works on Paper” Four persons show. CS Schulte Gallery, Millburn, NJ
1996 – “Art for new collectors” CS. Schulte Gallery, Millburn, NJ
1995 – “Landscapes, Past and Present” CS. Schulte Gallery, Millburn, NJ
1994 – Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ
1994 – Watchung Arts Center, NJ
1994 – New Jersey Center for Visual Arts Gallery, NJ
1994 – Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Gallery, NJ
1994 – Marcella Geltman gallery, Art Center of Northern NJ
1994 – Ridgewood Art Center, NJ
1993 – Merill Lynch Corporate Headquarters Gallery, Princeton, NJ
1993 – The Williams gallery, Princeton, NJ
1988 – Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY

Mid-Atlantic Artists Fellowship 2001/2002.
Recipient of Geraldine Dodge Award, Artist in Residence, NJ series, 1997.
Rutgers University Innovative Works on Paper & Printmaking Project, 1998.

– 2000-2002 Merrill Lynch art advisor for the corporate art collections. Curated 2 annual art shows at HQ in Princeton, NJ.
– 1993-1999 MetLife art advisor for the corporate art collections. Curated 3 annual art shows featuring North East artists at the MetLife art gallery in New York City and Bridgewater, NJ.

– “Printmaking Council of NJ at MetLife”.
– “A Mark of Excellence” a collection of art works from Raritan Valley College.
– “Looking within, Looking without” photographs by Ralph Maratta.
– “New York New York” “Selections from the Merrill Lynch collection” Rauschenberg, Motherwell, Oldenburg, among other leading artists.
– “African-American Artists” Selected works from Rutgers Center for Innovative Print & Paper, Ringgold, Gilliam, Brooker, Bullock, Burwell and Jarvis.

The Montclair Art Museum, Morris Museum, MetLife, Pulsar International Mexico, Lucent Technologies, Nabisco Company, Johnson & Johnson, Schering Plough Corp., The Dow Jones & Company, Merrill Lynch, Educational Testing Service, Tanagraphics Inc. NYC, and Numerous private collections.

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The process of each painting is a simple 3 steps process in storytelling and follows a building construction, starting with a black and white loose sketch or underpainting of a realistic scene. The deconstruction process begins by applying translucent bold paint of strokes to finish with a fragmented expressionist painting of the scene. All my artwork are in series and some of the smaller format paintings final step is to assemble a minimum of six paintings to form one artwork and larger paintings are individual artworks.


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