Virginie Arakelian-headshot_bw Born: Damascus, Syria from Armenian descent, Syrian-American artist, lives & works in Orlando, FL.
2007 – Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, University of Damascus
2010 – Continued art education, Orlando Art & Design


Arakelian_2017_charming incident_25x25cm

Arakelian_2017_City center_25x25cm



Arakelian_2017_Little bird_25x25cm



Arakelian_2017_Tijara garden_25x25cm



My work is an embodiment of my mood and feelings and reflects the relationship between myself and the materials I’m working with. I often start without having a predetermined notion of what I will create, I just let my hands and subconscious do the work.”

The inspiration of my recent work is deeply rooted with my birthplace Damascus, Syria and the Armenian heritage. My fascination with ancient cultures and mythology leads me in my creative process. I was born and raised in Damascus, Syria and was attracted to art at early age which continued at adulthood and attended many contemporary art galleries exhibitions in Damascus and Beirut which helped me understand modern art to create something personal and unique that best captures my heritage and love for mythology that tells a story about who I am as an artist and how I’m connected between my heritage and my new life in America.

2007 – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Graphics, Damascus University, Syria
20010 – Continued art education at Orlando Art and Design

Professional Career
2010-Present – Artist and creative designer

Group Exhibitions

2017 – Memories of Cities, Gallery Hiba, London
2015 – Regional group exhibition, Orlando Museum of Art
2014 –  Baterbys Art Gallery
2013 – Winter Park Autumn Festival exhibition
2012 – Masters of Disney

Private and corporate collections, Middle East, Europe and USA